101sitehosting.com is a professional online hosting company that is dedicated to providing quality internet solutions at economical rates. We own and manage our own shared and dedicated servers that are connected to dual high speed fiber optic backbones in our secure data center. Redundant backbone connections to competing bandwidth providers ensures that we are able to provide reliable hosting for your website through BGP4 Routers and VLAN Distribution switches that automatically provide the fastest route to your clients.

We host a large number of websites and are able to leverage the investments made by others in the dot.com bust who spent fortunes on datacenters that were overbuilt and never used as predicted. This allows us to purchase high speed servers at a minimal cost and excess bandwidth at incredibly low prices thanks to a glut of excess bandwidth capacity in the market. We know you know this opportunity exists and decided to pass on the savings to you. We can also compete at this level due to a high level of management automation on our end that reduces our costs to the point where we can deliver real value and performance without sacrificing quality. We have live online help for 16 hours a day and online helpdesk and knowledgebase resources 24 hours a day. We also have live technical staff on hand at the data center 24 hours a day that manage all of the physical aspects of web hosting such as maintenance of computer components and network routers and firewalls. All of these factors affect the pricing in a positive way for you. 101sitehosting.com has assembled a team of highly motivated and seasoned professionals focused on innovation, quality, and customer recognition. We are so sure of our ability to provide you with the quality service you deserve that we offer our guarantee as an authentication of the commitment to our clients. Because of our commitment you can rest assured your experience at 101sitehosting.com will be hassle-free so you can concentrate on creating your own successful web presence.